Have you ever been stressed while driving because as you are driving you realize that you forgot your driver's license? During that time you probably start sweating like crazy and praying that you don't get pulled over because you will have absolutely no proof that you do have a driver's license.

According to NJ.com, for those that happen to forget their driver's license, you will not have to stress anymore because soon you will be able to show your driver's license straight from your phone. We learned that there may be a new state Senate bill that will allow New Jerseyans to have their driver's license on their mobile device.

NJ.com made it known that Apple devices will allow you to have your New Jersey state issued driver's license in your wallet app with your credit cards or any other passes. It was also shared that this should be an option for the state of New Jersey as early as this fall.

This feature will work for both driver's license and regular New Jersey state issued identification cards.

Now the question is, how will police officers run your information if they want to find a little more information about you? NJ.com made it known that "instead of handing over a physical license to a police officer or store clerk, an individual could display the relevant information or send it electronically." That sounds a little confusing.

Once this bill is passed by the legislature and the governor of the state of New Jersey, the state will join 11 other states in the USA that already have the option of showing driver's licenses through a mobile device.

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