I know everyone is talking about the Powerball right now but you may have a winner right in your pocket. After watching The Coin Guy on TikTok I’m realizing that I need to pay closer attention to my change. Specifically, to my dimes and you do too!

I love shiny things. They mesmerize me, they always have. The blingier the better as far as this Jersey girl is concerned. If you’re with me on the more is more concept then you will love getting this much bang for your buck...I mean dime.

It turns out that if you have a very shiny dime...I’m talking almost mirror-quality silver bling then you could be in the money. How much? How about $456,000 dollars!

Why is the shiny dime so valuable? That coin is actually a “proof” that can be used as money (but shouldn’t be) somehow they end up in circulation. They are so silver because they are struck twice by a very special polished die making them almost sparkle. The most valuable one is from 1975 and it has a small “s” on the head's side but it is not there. If you find that one you hit the lottery. I kind of love how coins get more valuable when they are imperfect, it’s a good message for humankind. Maybe we should give ourselves as much grace as we give our coins.

If you need to test your coin to see if it is a proof (not all proofs are valued the same) all you have to do is see if it reflects as a mirror would. If it does, get that one evaluated, lunch might be on you!

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