We are less than three weeks out from Thanksgiving, and I am so looking forward to a long weekend with my family.

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Waking up on the morning of Thanksgiving and having a cup or three of coffee while watching the parades is always a highlight!

If your family is anything like mine, Thanksgiving can get kind of hectic.

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash
Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Between my parent's house, and my inlaw's house my wife and I are all over the place making sure we see everyone we can for the holiday.

On top of that, there's trying to figure out who is going to cook what, when will an oven be open, and making sure we have everything we need.

This year, that may be a little tougher than in years past.

It's estimated that Thanksgiving will cost us about 13.9% more this year than last year due to inflation.

I'm not happy about it, and I'm sure you aren't either.

But is there anything we can really do?

Fortunately for us, it seems like there are some stores that are trying to cut us a break.

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash
Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

3 Major Grocers In New Jersey Are Offering Pre-Inflation Pricing

My rule of thumb is always this; if you can get it from a local mom-and-pop grocer, by all means, do that.

That being said, if you're looking to make sure you save as much as you can this year Eat This Not That reports that these stores are trying to save you money.

Walmart is offering 'Thanksgiving Baskets' that include some essentials for your meal that will keep costs low by offering last year's prices.

You'll also be able to get your turkey for less than one dollar a pound.

Photo by SJ 📸 on Unsplash
Photo by SJ
on Unsplash

Lidl is also offering a basket for a flat thirty bucks that have enough food to feed up to thirty people.

Each basket has a turkey, stuffing, veggies, sides, and dessert.

Lastly, you'll be able to save at Aldi.

Aldi's is offering 2019 prices on thousands of products you may need for Thanksgiving!

So, if you're looking to save on your Thanksgiving dinner this year you have options, but I still have one question, and there may not be an answer.

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If these retailers are able to drop their prices to "pre-inflation" prices for Thanksgiving, why can't they just offer these prices all the time?

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