The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs released a list of state property taxes for every community in New Jersey.  As I looked down the list, my jaw dropped.  When you read it, yours may too.  Let's dig in.

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I want to be clear.  I'm not advocating that my taxes or your taxes get raised.  Heck no.  In fact, I'd very much prefer to pay less in taxes.  I've got a wife and 2 kids.  We need money for the college fund.  Lower taxes are better especially as New Jersey gas prices are skyrocketing, we know the cost of living will be rising behind it.  However, as I peeked down this list of average tax payments per community in 2020 I couldn't help but think a few things.

  1. Thank goodness I moved to Bayville in Berkeley Township.  Our rates are, relatively, low and the quality of life is very high.  I love it here.
  2. I got off many are paying so much.
  3. I couldn't imagine paying a mortgage payment every month along with a tax payment that equaled the mortgage payment.  WOW.
  4. If I'm paying so much less for property taxes compared with other residents of our great state, is it coming at the expense of other things for my family?  Does it mean the things these taxes fund are compromised?  Education?  Police?  Fire?  Ambulance?  Roads?  Etc.?

So, how does it look for Monmouth and Ocean County residents for property taxes?  Well, Patch published the entire list, and it's pretty eye-opening.  It looks pretty good for most.

Top 10 Jersey Shore (Monmouth County & Ocean County) Highest Average (rounded) Annual Tax Bills (out of 565 total)

  1. Rumson Borough #7 at $21K
  2. Mantaloking Borough #13 at $19K
  3. Deal Borough #15 at $19K
  4. Allenhurst Borough #28 at $16K
  5. Fair Haven Borough #36 at $15K
  6. Colts Neck Township #48 at $14K
  7. Holmdel Township #59 at $13K
  8. Little Silver Borough #65 at $13K
  9. Bay Head Borough #66 at $13K
  10. Sea Girt Borough #71 at $13K

Good luck to everyone paying those high tax rates.  I could *not* afford it.  That's roughly triple what I pay.  Brutal.

Top 10 Jersey Shore (Monmouth County & Ocean County) Lowest Average (rounded) Annual Tax Bills (out of 565 total)

  1. Manchester Township #545 at $4K
  2. Shrewsbury Township #543 at $4K
  3. Berkeley Township #534 at $4K
  4. South Toms River Borough #513 at 5K
  5. Lakehurst Borough #511 at $5K
  6. Beachwood Borough #507 at $5K
  7. Little Egg Harbor Township #504 at $5K
  8. Keansburg Borough #494 at $5K
  9. Ocean Gate Borough #493 at $5K
  10. Seaside Heights Borough #490 at $5K

That's what hit me, seeing Berkeley Township (where I live) as one of the least taxed on the list.  Now, it's not all great news.  Berkeley Township property taxes did go up over 3% last year.  If you're wondering how your individual town's taxes look, reach out to officials in Ocean County here or Monmouth County here.

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