This is a super-mama!  A Siberian Tiger named Nadya literally just gave birth to 1% of the entire world's tiger population in one birth.  Now that's how you do it!

Nadya lives at Six Flags Great Adventure and she gave birth to 5 beautiful, healthy tiger cubs.  The typical litter has 2-4 cubs so she really brought her A-game!  Of course these beautiful animals are endangered so this is a really important contribution.

Sadly, scientists estimate that there are less than 500 of them left globally, so they are considered critically endangered. They have been victims of poaching.   

How remarkable are these animals?  They're the largest cats in the world. Their markings are nothing short of artistry and they grow to be about 11 feet long.

Nadya gave us four girls and one bonus boy!  It was a bit nerve wracking in the beginning because one of the babies was not gaining weight properly but caretakers took care of it around the clock with bottle feedings and now she is doing great. She will stay at the vet for the next few months. This type of situation means without human help, the cub would not have survived.

How amazing is it that mama Nadya's contributions means the survival of this species for at least 20 more years?  Way to go!  In just a few weeks you can see Nadya and four of her babies in the Tigris Asiana part of the drive-through adventure in just a few weeks.

You can get more experiences with The tigers with the safari overnight camp out running on July 15th and 16th. There is more in depth info on the tigers and how to get tickets to see them in person here. Just look at these beauties!

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