Kids will be kids.  That saying used to mean something.

Harmless pranks used to be done to get a laugh.  Now pranks are somehow vilified and, in my opinion, taken way too seriously.

The one thing, almost every senior in high school thinks about, is that one senior prank moment.

Yes, granted, a senior prank can get out of control.

I remember the senior prank my class was part of twenty years ago.  After a few weeks of planning, we pulled a class-wide food fight during lunch.

This, prank, which at the time could have been harmless, went too far.  Foreign objects were brought into the school, cameras were covered, and it got a little out of hand.  If I remember correctly, two members of the group did not walk during graduation.  Between the fines, and the suspensions – which should have been enough – the not being able to walk part was a little over the top.

There was a group of students in Bergen County, that faced the same fake for a far less prank according to a report done by

According to the report, a group of students placed desks in the school hallway.

Ivan Aleksic, Unsplash
Ivan Aleksic, Unsplash

Did they destroy the school?  No.

Did anyone get hurt?  No.

The students still faced the threat of not walking during the biggest night, that they have waited for their whole high school career.

Joshua Heohne, unsplash
Joshua Heohne, unsplash

Just think about the impact, not only on them but their families.  For what, a harmless prank?

According to the report where a board member shares their feelings opposing the Superintendent.

“Kids are kids, (they) do stupid things without thinking,” Passamano said in the post. “It was stupid, but not stupid enough not to let them walk."

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We have to let kids be kids, we have to let pranks happen (as long as they are harmless,) and we have to stop being so sensitive.  It is causing more harm than good.

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