Get ready to pull out your wallet, because price hikes are coming to one of New Jersey's wholesale retailers.

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Wholesale retailers take the food shopping experience to a whole new level.

You can get all the groceries you need, fresh meats and veggies, plus books, movies, a pallet of cheez-its, and a new car all in one place.

So I might be exaggerating with the car bit, but they always have a huge selection of items to choose from.

Photo by Tyler Menezes on Unsplash
Photo by Tyler Menezes on Unsplash

Now of course in order to get the benefits of a place like this you have to pay for the yearly membership.

Personally, I feel like the cost of the membership pays for itself with the amount you save when you shop at a wholesale retailer.

There is one retailer however, who plans on increasing their annual membership fees.

It's a place I've been to a few times in my life and have always been happy with the selection.

It's not Costco, although they do have some of the highest membership fees.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

It's also not BJ's who's membership typically runs you about fifty five bucks according to their website. 

The wholesale retailer who plans on raising their annual membership is the Walmart owned Sam's Club. 

What Will The Cost Of A Sam's Club Membership Increase To?

According to the wise folks at Eat This Not That, Sam's Club memberships are going to increase from forty five dollars a year to fifty dollars a year.

The increase is due in part to Sam's Club bringing in higher quality products over the years.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

All things said and done, Sam's Club is still the most economical option when compared to its competition.

When Will Sam's Club Increase Their Membership Prices?

Starting October 17th, the increases will occur.

Your basic package as stated above goes from $45 to $50 and your top tier membership goes from $100 to $110.

Despite the increases, if your shopping for a large family, or a party, going with these wholesale retailers I think is always worth the annual membership fee.

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