You think you can do it don't you?  Admit thought just for a second, "my balance is pretty good" or "I bet I could go a bit faster than that guy and make it" NO, you can't and the reason is science.  Don't be mad, I have to tell you like it is because friends save each other from stupid S*!t.

So there are internet trends that actually have great messages and help humanity, for instance, the ice bucket challenge raised over 115 million dollars for ALS.  However, the majority of social media trends/challenges can be super dangerous. Remember the cinnamon challenge? How about that Tide Pod Challenge...YouTube even took those videos down.  Now the new craze is the milk crate challenge and plenty of New Jersey kids are going straight to the ER because of it.  It is not hard to see why, scroll down to see the most unreal milk crate fail videos below:

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My daughter stores old records in milk crates in her room (I guess she's an old soul?). I noticed her records were on the floor one day and she was bringing her milk crates to her friend's house. If I didn't know about this trend it could have easily been a trip to the ER. I said, "absolutely not" as she said I was being "overly protective" and that "everyone is doing it" (has that line ever worked...ever?) She said that she was athletic enough to do it (that's what they all say). That's just it, these challenges appeal to the idea that "those guys can't do it, but I know I can" which is totally wrong because you know, gravity.

Listen, it's funny to watch people fall but there's all the difference in the world between someone doing the ice dance to save their dignity and people falling down straight on their necks!  There is nothing funny about that.

Can I just ask what kind of friend watches this happen, records it and then laughs while their buddy is rolling on the floor with pain? Be on the lookout for those milk crates around the house! More milk crate challenge FAILS!  OUCH!

In case you are wondering if it is even possible to finish this thing we have the answer, this is exactly why you CAN'T COMPLETE the milk crate challenge from a science perspective. Don't get dooped into doing it even though it looks easy!

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