This summer certainly feels a bit different. There is no running though the sprinklers, no doggie pool being filled up, our flowers dying and our lawns losing their green.  It can get a lot worse, in fact New Jersey is seeing such bad drought conditions that we may have to resort to something we haven't had to do in almost 20 years.

Photo by Silvestri Matteo on Unsplash
Photo by Silvestri Matteo on Unsplash

I remember when I was really little my mom filled my bath water and it was only about two inches high. I asked her why my bath was “so small” and she explained what a drought was and how it was important that we all do our part.  We are in that place again now and it is rapidly getting worse.  There is a difference between a drought watch, a drought warning and a drought emergency, the latter has not been issued in about 20 years and we are very close to this happening to us yet again.

We have just not gotten the rain we need.  I don’t know about you but my lawn is yellow and crispy.  We fell into deep drought conditions and reservoirs are showing lower water levels than we've seen in years. The really worrisome part is that there is no rain in sight. 

If our hot, dry conditions don't get better, we will go to a drought emergency which is when we are taking those two-inch baths.

The areas suffering the most according to the data presented today are Morris, Essex and Hudson Counties according to The Patch, you can read more about that here. Conserve and pray for some rain!

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