You may have seen this article being shared by your friends on Facebook. The author of this op-ed piece brags about stumping his "know-it-all friends" by asking which is the only state that is a peninsula.

A friend guesses Maine, which for some reason the author says is technically on a land mass that is a peninsula but is disqualified for sharing a border with Canada. First of all, Maine is only on peninsula when a map is isolated to show the United States. He also disqualifies Delaware because it shares the peninsula with Maryland, which I guess I can get on board with (although the countries of Portugal and Spain make up the Iberian Peninsula even if Portugal itself isn't surrounded by water on three sides).

Here's where the whole argument turns south: he shoots down Alaska and Florida, and neglects to mention Michigan at all.

Poster map United States of America with state names

He tries to say Florida is eliminated because of the panhandle, ignoring that the state is still bordered by water on three sides; same for Alaska, where he tries to use the panhandle as a loophole despite water still being on the other three sides. He also completely ignores that residents from Michigan either live on the Upper Peninsula or Lower Peninsula.

Check your facts, people!

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