Neighbors (2014)

Comedies are typically the most divisive movies. Everyone's sense of humor is different; to some people Monty Python is the funniest thing in the history of funny things, other people just don't get it. Some people think Will Ferrell is awful, other people love him. Some people thought Dane Cook was funny, and those people were just incorrect. If you like Seth Rogen and you like writers Andrew J. Cohen & Brendan O'Brien (40 Year Old Virgin, Funny People, Talladega Nights) then you will like "Neighbors". If you go into it already hating that style, there's no hope for you.

Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne are Mac and Kelly, who just moved into their dream home with their infant daughter. They put every cent of their savings into this house, and want to start a grown-up life. Things turn bad when Zac Efron, Dave Franco and the rest of their fraternity move into the house next door.

Mac & Kelly attempt to extend an olive branch preemptively, asking the frat to keep it down before anything even happens. The immediate youth-versus-authority battle begins, with the frat hosting louder and louder parties, while the parents try to keep them quiet, either by calling the cops or sabotaging the fraternity.

Seth Rogen makes me laugh. I know he's not for everyone, but he hits me in the right way where I can't help but enjoy it. Rose Byrne has shown good comedy chops in movies like "Bridesmaids" and "Get Him To the Greek", and she does a solid job here. Zac Efron continues to try to distance himself from his Disney image, and while this clearly isn't as extreme as his role in The Paperboy, he still pulls off the good-looking, cocky, partying frat bro. Most of the supporting cast is forgettable, except in two more important roles; Dave Franco entertains the hell out of me and I haven't been able to figure out why, and Ike Barinholtz (who usually annoys me) fits in his role.

I spent a very short time of my college career pledging a fraternity. After about two weeks of pledging I stepped back and realized it wasn't my scene. This movie gave me some flashbacks to the old college days, and I was also able to relate to Mac's college-slacker-turned-adult-with-responsibilites.



On the [Celluloid Hero] scale, "Neighbors" gets a 7 out of 10.


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