The brutal winter weather in other areas of the country is impacting delivery of vaccine to New Jersey and has hit Monmouth County especially hard as several days' worth of appointments had to be postponed because of a lack of delivery.

"Those weather issues have impacted the delivery of new doses and because planes for both major hubs for both FedEx and UPS have been grounded due to the weather, this week’s delivery has not made it to us on time," Gov. Phil Murphy said at his coronavirus briefing on Friday.

Murphy said a total of 230,000 doses were delayed. Nationwide, 6 million doses were not shipped, according to White House coronavirus response adviser Andy Slavitt.

Existing supply in New Jersey has been shifted around to cover appointments, according to Murphy, but even that supply will be exhausted. Monmouth County cancelled all appointments for Friday and Saturday because they have simply run out.

"Since Monmouth County administers every single vaccine dose that we receive as soon as we get it, we literally do not have one vaccine on hand right now," Monmouth County Commissioner Tom Arnone said in a statement.

Everyone that had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday of this week will be contacted next week to be rescheduled. If the appointment canceled was the second dose Commissioner Deputy Director Susan Kiley said not to work.

"It is important to note that the second dose can be administered any time between 28 and 42 days after the first dose," Kiley said.

In Monmouth County, 82,627 first doses and 34,697 second doses for a total of 117,360 doses have been administered as of Friday morning, according to the state coronavirus dashboard.

Murphy is optimistic that the doses will eventually make it to New Jersey

"We know that the vaccines have been allocated and will eventually be delivered," Murphy said, adding that everyone who wants to be vaccinated will be. The state's mega sites will expand hours to accommodate those whose appointments were postponed.

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