Monmouth County Freeholders are coming to the rescue of local restaurants that have been significantly impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

An initiative called "Take Out in Monmouth" will set up a list on the county's website informing everyone which restaurants are open for business and include their menus and hours that they are operating during the pandemic.

"We've contacted our municipalities and local chambers and we're going to reach out to all the business climates and abilities that have the data for the restaurants that are still operating take-out wise in their municipalities," Monmouth County Freeholder Director Tom Arnone said during a Thursday press conference.

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All the information will be compiled onto a data sheet on the website so you know where to look for open restaurants in the community.

"You'll be able to look up on our website which will be and be able to look at your town, see whose open and then hopefully be able to go there and help those businesses in your town," Arnone said.

If everyone adheres to the stay at home rule, restaurant businesses will see the benefit.

"Then we could have all the businesses hopefully be able to possibly stay open through this long period of time," Arnone said.

There's no specific data on which restaurants are struggling more than others and which ones are doing okay but it's possible multiple places are hurting in different financial ways.

"They're trying to keep their doors open and I can't thank those owners enough that they're trying to make it work but I also understand the ones that cannot make it work," Arnone said. "Hopefully this initiative, for the ones that are, will help and assist them."

He said they'll soon be issuing a "Take Out In Monmouth" bag to these businesses that they can deliver your food in in another effort to help businesses save money.

"It's another expense that they don't have to do," Arnone said. "We're pro-business here and I've emphasized when things were real good that 95-percent of our businesses are small businesses, well that's great because we were able to help them before but in a situation like we're in they don't have the resources to stay open. We're going to work with them the best we can."

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