As we head closer to Memorial Day and the summer season at the Jersey Shore, Monmouth Beach Police are putting drivers on notice to watch their speeds or be handed a ticket.

Police have taken action following a number of complaints from residents about speeding within the borough over the last several years.

As a result, they've acquired and deployed Evolis Solar Powered Electric Speed Limit Signs, two WANCO Speed Limit Message Boards and a covert Armadillo Traffic Data Collection Device which is used to inconspicuously collect speed data to identify areas of concern.

Monmouth Beach Police have also hired additional seasonal officers for the summer season for enforcement purposes, increased the number of summonses issued for speeding violations and successfully lobbied the NJ-DOT to approve a seasonal speed limit reduction on State Highway Route 36.

They also joined the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority and developed a systematic approach to areas of concern which utilizes covert monitoring, followed by high visibility signage, and concludes with concentrated enforcement details.

Police realize speeding takes place in several different areas both here and across the state so they understand that, "we are under no misconception that we can catch all speeders and end all speeding violations. However, we feel that our multi-faceted approach and our efforts are making a difference here in MB."

If you have speeding concerns regarding a certain roadway within the borough, if you would like to have a sign board placed on your street or if you have any other questions, contact Monmouth Beach Police Sergeant Aaron Rock at

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