All eyes and ears are needed in Middletown Township as a puppy has been stolen from The Pet Store on Route 35 and police need your help finding the stolen cockapoo.

Middletown Police said that they responded to The Pet Store on Thursday afternoon where they learned from the owner that a young black male came in and asked if they had any cockapoo or goldendoodle puppies that were on sale.

Then as the man was playing with a 10-week old female cockapoo puppy with brown fur in the store that was available for purchase, -- he picked up the puppy and then ran out the door.

Police also learned that the man ran to a parking adjacent to The Pet Store and then hopped into a small, black SUV, possibly a Nissan Rougue that bore the New Jersey License Plate figures that include X58.

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Middletown Police said that the suspect is described as a young, black male wearing a blue surgical mask, ripped black jeans, orange Crocs, and a black sweatshirt which had the words “Key Street” written on the sleeves in white lettering.

If you have any information on the stolen puppy and the man who stole her, you're asked to call the Middletown Township Police Detective Bureau at (732) 615-2120.

If you want to remain anonymous in providing information, that is also posisble, and in which case you can call the Middletown Township Police Department Tipline at (732) 615-3277.

"The Middletown Twp. Police thanks the public for their continued assistance in this investigation," MTPD said in a written statement.

UPDATE: Stolen Middletown puppy has been returned.

In a statement made on Saturday evening, Middletown Mayor Tony Perry said on Facebook that the cockpoo puppy that was stolen from The Pet Shoppe has been returned and Middletown Police have arrested the person who stole the puppy.

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