The owners of Martell's Tiki Bar plead no contest after being charged with serving an intoxicated person who went on to cause a fatal accident.

In August 2013, Ashley Chieco was over-served at Martells, according to lawyer Paul Edelstein. Chieco left the bar, stole a car from the parking lot, and ended up driving down the wrong side of Route 18. She struck the car of Dana Corrar.  Corrar was severely injured, and Chieco did not survive the crash.

Martells has agreed to a 30-day license suspension and $500,000 in fines for serving alcohol to an intoxicated patron. The suspension won't take place until after beach season is over - Sept. 28 to Oct. 28, according to a consent order signed Monday.

The order was signed by New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Marita K. Navarro and Peter D. Manahan, an attorney for Martell's.

The fines are to be paid in two installments of $250,000, due August 15 of this year and August 15, 2016. If Martell's fails to make a payment, its license will be suspended indefinitely until the payment is made. All Martell's staff serving alcohol must also undergo safe-practices training within 90 days.



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