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My Facebook news feed has been flooded with scary headlines about marijuana candy and edibles being passed out to kids on Halloween, telling parents to be wary and check the candy before letting the children eat it.

This is just an updated version of the urban legend of "razor blades in apples" totally happened to my friend's cousin's friend's girlfriend who lives in a different town you guys!

Controversial FDA Report Says No Medical Benefit From Marijuana
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First of all, I know literally zero stoners who would be careless enough to give away any of their stash, regardless of what form it is in.

Snopes also points out that the original warning from the NJ Prosecutors Office cites a case in New York where a 10-year-old boy got sick after eating cannabis candy in the back seat of his family's car - but that incident had nothing to do with Halloween, and everything to do with parents losing track of a piece of candy.

Evan Nison, the executive director of the NJ chapter of NORML, says

Cannabis consumers are not looking to dose children with cannabis. That is not something that I’ve ever heard of anybody ever being interested in doing or wanting to do or would think is ethical. This is just something that some police officers sometimes say every year, never really comes to fruition, and is just a scare tactic.

Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Ocean County prosecutor’s office, denies that the state is trying to "scare" people. While he admits the chances of someone giving out marijuana candy is "very slim", he also adds "you never know.”

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