A neighborhood in Hayden, Idaho has told this man that his Christmas display and celebration is controversial, causing Jeremy Morris to halt his nearly 20 to 30 year tradition and sue.

In true Danny Devito, Deck The Halls  fashion, it had been tradition for Morris to host his charity celebration at his home complete with bright lights, Santa, carolers and a live nativity scene with Dolly the real-life camel.

However, this tradition hit a road block back in 2015 when the wannabe Clark Griswold's home owner's association sent him a certified letter saying certain people in the neighborhood would have a problem with the celebration.

The HOA also said the show would violate rules, cause traffic, excessive noise and brightness.

Morris is now taking this to federal court, not just over some Christmas lights, but because he feels he and his family have been "ostracized" for expressing their faith and says the spectacle "defines" him.

We're not sure whose side to be on but between this story and a similar one in Phoenix, Arizona.

It's really starting to seem like HOA's are run by a bunch of Scrooges.

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