Foreigner fans got the best of both worlds during the group's 40th-anniversary tour this year, with the surviving members of the original lineup joining band leader Mick Jones' current lineup for various reunions along the way — and singer Lou Gramm thinks there's a chance it could continue.

During a recent interview with Rock Band Reviews (which you can listen to above), Gramm looked back on the special two-night event that closed out the tour with every surviving original member onstage together. "It was great to get back onstage with the original Foreigner," he reflected. "We played about six or seven songs; it was a lot of fun. And Mick, of course, played with us. And then the two bands — the Foreigner of today and the original Foreigner — actually played a few songs together, and that was also fun. And they are really nice guys and good musicians."

As previously reported, those shows were filmed and recorded for future release — and in the meantime, Gramm seems to believe more dates could be added; as he put it, "we're gonna do some more, I think."

What form this future activity could take remains to be seen, but judging from Gramm's description of his upcoming performance activity, it sounds like it will take the form of scattered dates throughout Foreigner's tour calendar. "I've been doing weekends for the last few years. That's kind of nice," he pointed out. "You leave Thursday, you play Friday, Saturday, you come home Sunday. So I think we're gonna be doing more of those, and then there's gonna be the Foreigner shows."

While hinging the number of shows he does on "the reception of the audience," Gramm dropped one last hint at some sort of continued reunion, saying "everything is kind of poised for a fun an interesting summer" and adding, "Let's see what happens."

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