It doesn't sound like it's 100 percent official yet, but Lou Gramm says he's talked "at length" with former bandmate Mick Jones about reuniting with Foreigner for multiple dates on the band's 40th anniversary tour — and it sounds like he could be onstage for awhile.

Gramm spilled the details during a recent appearance on Trunk Nation (via Blabbermouth), saying he expects to be just one of several Foreigner vets to put in appearances during the tour. "I think there's a number of the original band members that still play their instruments, and I think that if I make an appearance, it will be with the rest of the band, the original band," he suggested. "And we'll do half a dozen songs and then maybe do some things with his band."

Arguing that it only makes sense to reunite as much of the original Foreigner lineup as possible for these appearances, Gramm said he couldn't get into the specifics of when, where or exactly how often the reunions might occur, although he predicted it would amount to "a few shows in the summer and a few in the fall" at venues where "we used to play back in the day and that were really big for us."

At those shows, it sounds like fans can expect what amounts to a hybrid Foreigner performance, with the original lineup doing a rough timeshare with Jones' current crew. "The original members, [including] myself and Mick, of course, will perform 35, 40 minutes, maybe we'll do seven or eight songs, and then that will end, and [Mick's] current band will go on and finish the night," he added. "And I think for the encore, there might be some sort of a jam session with all the members onstage."

Foreigner's 40th anniversary tour, which is accompanied by a career-spanning best-of set with a handful of previously unreleased recordings, begins July 11 in Syracuse. Visit the band's official site for ticketing information.

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