A house in New Jersey that used to be owned by Al Capone was just sold for a cool $1,300,000! If that sounds like a lot, it was actually cheap compared to the original list price of $1,750,000, so whoever bought it got a deal.

PhillyMag.com says that Capone did not live at the home for very long, only staying there for about a year starting in 1927. Technically, the house was never actually in his name; instead, Capone sublet the house from an associate of the infamous Nucky Johnson.

Architectural Digest has more about the house itself. Surprisingly it only has four bedrooms, but there are five full bathrooms, two half baths, a game room, three fireplaces, a heated pool and hot tub, a seven car garage, a tennis court, and a guest house.

Fun fact, I used to work at Webster Hall Records in New York City, which was housed in the legendary Webster Hall. During Prohibition, Webster Hall was notorious for being a place to get alcohol, and one of the strongest rumors was that the club was owned by Al Capone. My old boss embraced the story by hanging a big picture of Capone in his office. Whenever I went to work and had to head down into the basement and sub-basement, I could imagine being surrounded by barrels of illegal hooch, all while Capone was hanging upstairs smoking a giant cigar.

Check out pictures from the Zillow listing!

Al Capone's Former NJ House

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