Last weekend, Toms River hosted a unique movie-going experience. The township set up a screen at Mathis Plaza (just south of us here at the Hawk), and allowed people to drive-in AND boat-in. Boaters were able to cruise up, drop anchor, and watch a movie.

An Australian company called Beyond Cinema is bringing this concept to the United States, and while there are a few locations nearby, we need to set this up at the Jersey Shore! There are about a million places around the Jersey Shore to set this up. We have a ton of lakes and bays and coves, so maybe if we can all convince Beyond Cinema, we can get this set up in our own backyard!

The Beyond Cinema events are free, but do require registration. You can get the full calendar HERE. The closest they come to Jersey right now is New York City on September 16th, and Philadelphia on September 23rd.

These events are different from the one held in Toms River, because you can't bring your own boat. Instead, they set up between 12 and 24 boats, each holding up to 8 people. According to the event pages, you'll be required to purchase the whole boat in order to ensure that groups will be seated with friends and family only, and to allow for social distancing on and between boats.

In case you're wondering, concessions will be on sale before you board the boat, and Beyond Cinema will even give you free popcorn!

At the moment, the movies being shown have not been announced, but there are some movies that are just made for this kind of thing. We've seen plenty of towns host beach movies and show Jaws, but how much scarier would it be while you're literally in the water. Cue up Open Water, or The Shallows, hell let's watch Sharknado on the water! Even something like Titanic would be appropriate (although a 195-minute runtime would lead to lots of people peeing off the side of their boat).

[via TheFW]

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