I think maybe he should have been briefed on royal etiquette before meeting Prince William and Kate MIddleton because no doubt LeBron James is now on the Queen's dreaded list-of-people-who-must-be-punished-severely-with-the-comfy-chair-and-soft-pillows.


That might be someone else that does that. :-D

According to thefw.com:

After James’ Cavaliers beat the Nets in Brooklyn on Monday night, he snapped some photos with Prince William and wife Kate Middleton, who took in the game during their stateside visit (and also met the US form of royalty — Beyonce and Jay Z).

You can't really blame the guy, though, for breaking a taboo--most of us would have done the same thing.

What did he do?

He--gasp!--put his arm around Kate--and you're never supposed to touch the royal family.

In fact, they don't usually even touch each other, except for procreative purposes, of course. :-D


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