LAKEWOOD – People who attended the Friday funeral of police Officer Nicklas Shimonovich may have been exposed to COVID-19, according to township Municipal Manager Patrick Donnelly.

The service for the officer at FirstEnergy Park brought a large turnout of law enforcement from around New Jersey. It began with a four hour viewing with a funeral service afterwards.

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Donnelly told The Lakewood Scoop that “a number of individuals who attended the funeral may have been in contact with people at the service who have tested positive for the COVDID-19 virus.”

“I have no details on either confirming there was an exposure or how many people or anything of that nature at this point,” Ocean County Public Health Coordinator Dan Regyne told New Jersey 101.5. “That’s something we’re going to look at and collect as much information as we can Wednesday morning and go from there and do whatever we have to do to prevent further spread if there was actually exposure.”

Regyne said that just because someone attended the service does not mean that they were exposed.

Donnelly told the Scoop that anyone who experiences symptoms of the virus or concerned about contact with someone who has the virus be tested.

Symptoms of COVID-19 that are caused by infection include fever, cough and shortness of breath).

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