If you have a dozen Valentines — or just want 12 people to love you — Krispy Kreme is here to help. When you buy a dozen donuts at one of its franchises from now through February 14, you’ll get a dozen free Valentine’s cards, and each one is good for a free donut!

Not only are the sweet snacks a popular treat, they’re also one of the rare so-called “junk food” items that hasn’t seen their sales affected by the downturn in the economy.

In fact, the number of donut shops from the three biggest chains — Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Hortons — has risen 2.2 percent since 2009. And with more than 10,000 combined locations across the US, you can pretty much always find a donut when you want one.

While Krispy Kreme’s giveaway will likely make you the most popular person in your social circle, it’ll probably also net the company a few more loyal customers, making it a win-win for everyone involved. (But maybe not for their waistlines.)

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