There seems to be a bit of conflicting info about this story, but in the end, two of Jersey's favorite sons are being honored!

Last Thursday on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Kevin Smith announced that he and Jay Mewes would be pressing their hands in concrete in front of the legendary Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The weird thing is, it seems like they already did the handprints.

According to the Wiki page for handprint ceremonies, Smith & Mewes were added on July 19, 2019. I know that Wiki can be unreliable, but when I was searching through Getty Images, these pictures popped up, dated July 19, 2019:

Getty Images for Legion M/Theatre Box
Getty Images for Legion M/Theatre Box

In my mind, I had always seen a celebrity on their knees pressing their hands into cement in front of a huge crowd...but maybe this is the new way they do things? Have the person do the pressing off-site, then just install the square of cement after it dries.

Regardless of how it's done, congrats to Jay & Silent Bob!

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