OK this is getting out of control!  We've all seen numbers in repetition right?  Sometimes we don't notice it at all, other times we do but we blow it off and then there are times when it is so repetitive that we stop in our tracks...

I've been seeing numbers in a series of 1111's for years on and off now. Apparently seeing the number one in any combination is super common but what does it mean?!?  First, I woke up at 1:11am just to see the clock and go back to bed. Then I got to work to find 111 emails then the biggest showstopper happened...my car was at 111,111 miles when I looked down.  This is just in one day. Don't believe me?  I have receipts!

Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Right as I'm noticing all of this amp up like crazy, an author of a book about understanding the messages your spirit guides send you though numbers is in my email!  I thought that was a sign in itself so I looked up my number sequence and it was unreal...

Photo credit: The Angel Numbers Book author
Photo credit: The Angel Numbers Book author, Mystic Michaela

So what does it mean to see that many ones?

The more series of a number you see or if the frequency increases, you are supposed to stop in your tracks and evaluate your mindset and experiences in that moment because you are getting a "number message". Then, to decode what message that "angel" number represents, you can look it up in the book above. It is incredible!

If you are like me and you keep seeing 1111s then you are about to reap the benefits of all your hard work. The angels are happy to see the dedication and devotion. It is really important to positively visualize what your heart's truest desires are right in this moment because your ability to manifest is at his strongest.  Apparently it is really important to stay positive because your manifestations are amplified when you see ones. I find this stuff so interesting!  Of course the book addresses other number combinations as well!

What is so amazing is that the more I notice it, the more it keeps coming. If you are seeing certain numbers all the time you'll love this guide. I found it on Amazon.  What numbers do you see and where have you seen them? Email me!  Shannon.holly@townsquaremedia.com

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