Movie sequels get a bad rap in Hollywood. Film snobs often accuse Hollywood producers of laziness when we see trailers for recycled story lines. I'm not one of those snobs. Here are the five movies I wish that the powerful people of Hollywood would green light. If you don't agree, I won't share my popcorn if you buckle and see them the same day I do. 

-National Treasure III: Laugh all you want, but the National Treasure series is four hours of pure entertainment. Whether it be Benjamin Franklin Gates outsmarting bad guys, finding buried treasure, or discovering a historic Book of Secrets, the films are suspensful from start to finish. The biggest intrigue? Where will the script take them next? The Egyptian Pyramids? Atlantis? Don't pretend like these questions don't keep you up at night, too.

-Unbreakable II: Full disclosure: I skipped work, class, and social functions to watch this with my college suite mate during our Senior year. Why? Because M. Night Shyamalan absolutely brought it with this comic book film. Bruce Willis vs. Samuel L. Jackson as polar opposites destined to clash was outrageously good casting. The only problem? The story really hits you with only a few minutes remaining. Let's do this one more time, M. Night.

-Independence Day II: Those aliens have to be really, really upset at the whooping they took back in the Summer of '96. There's no way they haven't come up with some new tricks to spring on us soon. A grizzled, wily Will Smith leading the charge, and aged (and possibly corrupt?!) Bill Pullman finishing out his fifth term as President (you and I both know that his speech got the government to change that silly two term rule), would just be too much to handle. My only worry? Judd Hirsch is 75 years old. Let's get this done before everyone's favorite neurotic, Jewish father kicks the bucket.

-Jurassic Park IV: According to the Jurassic Park (franchise) Wikipedia: At the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, Spielberg confirmed in front of at least 6,000 spectators that preparations for Jurassic Park 4 were in progress, with a story ready and a script being written. Spielberg said that it would be possibly released "within the next two or three years", with a representative from Universal saying 2013 would be the preferred deadline for completion. Words can't describe how excited this makes me.

-The Wood II: I imagine most of the Hawk listeners haven't seen this film. Trust me, give it a shot. A sequel about how Slim, Roland and Mike aged, stayed friends, and handled the hurdles of life? That's how Oscars are made, people. Like the tagline said in 1999: From boyhood to manhood, you can always count on your best friends.

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