First, a happy (belated) birthday to John Densmore, who celebrated a birthday on Sunday, born on December 1, 1944 in Los Angeles, California.

John's worried about how we're trampling all over this planet, and according to an article online, on his recent visit to Costa Rica he was quoted as saying, "If we don't begin to think in a sustainable way, Mother Nature will just tell us goodbye."

"I say it's a woman and sometimes she has rashes called cities. Sometimes she scratches herself and that's when we have a hurricane or an earthquake."

I say she needs to get that checked out by a professional. :-D

As for what else John is up to, he launched his second book, "The Doors Unhinged", earlier this year.

It reveals the details of the legal battle over the use of the band's name on a tour that was being organized by the other two members of the group, Robby Krieger and Ray Mazarek (who died earlier this year).

According to a review of the book on Amazon:

The subject of the book is the “greed gene,” and how that part of the human psyche propels us toward the accumulation of more and more wealth, even at the expense of our principles and friendships and the well being of society.

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