The world was shocked and saddened this morning upon hearing the news that Celebrity Chef/Author/TV Personality/Advocate, Anthony Bourdain has taken his own life in an apparent suicide in a hotel in France.

On a personal note, I watched his TV shows from time to time, but I wasn't a huge fan.

However, I respected what he was all about. He tried to educate us about different cultures in this world, and telling us stories that needed to be told while sitting around a dinner table with locals in far remote regions, and here at home as well.

I read a quote today from an interview he did with The Daily Beast that really stuck with me:

"I like food. It was the center of my life for thirty years and I’ll always look at the world through that prism, but it is not the only thing, If you’re commenting on how crunchy-delicious your salad is while your host is missing two limbs, you might want to ask them how that happened, and often you will get a story that’s far more interesting than what’s on your plate.”

Local Chef and Point Pleasant business owner who also strives to make a difference in our community, Joe Leone, wrote his feelings today about the passing of Bourdain



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