The Thanksgiving calorie count is different here at the Jersey Shore than it is anywhere else in the country. You know us. We can't ever do things like anybody else. We have to do it bigger here at the Jersey Shore. And it's for that reason that elastic waistbands are so popular this time of year in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

Let's start with the basics. Let's look at the normal, typical Thanksgiving dinner. Here are the hard facts about the basic dinner you're going to consume in record time next week  The average calorie count will come in at about 1800 calories, according to Avera.

And if your reaction to that is 'Really, that's not that bad", then you're my king of Thanksgiving eater. Here's a tidbit you might not know. Based on the typical dinner, the turkey will probably pack the most calories on the plate.

But this is the Jersey Shore, and we don't stop at the basics. So, you can take those 1800 calories and well, get ready to add to them.

If your house is anything like mine, the turkey course is just a small pitstop between the pasta and the dessert. I grew up thinking that if you weren't so stuffed that you were groaning by the time the turkey came out, you were doing something wrong.

Photo by sunorwind on Unsplash
Photo by sunorwind on Unsplash

So get the calculator out and let's add the lasagna and half a loaf of bread to that calorie tally before we forget. Nutritionix says a cup and a half of luxurious Thanksgiving lasagna will cost you 600 calories. And those 4 slices of Italian bread you'll lie about eating will run you 200 more calories.

Heads up calorie counters here comes the dessert. Let's just assume you're going pumpkin pie, and you're going to limit yourself to one slice. Tack on an additional 300 calories (and we're rounding down). So let's do the true Jersey Shore tally.

Your Jersey Shore Thanksgiving calorie tally is now up to 2900 calories. No big deal, you just have to walk 34 miles to burn it off. Happy Jersey Shore Thanksgiving!

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