Welcome to Jersey March Madness where we have things in New Jersey competing against other things in New Jersey. Today's episode: Great Adventure vs. the Jersey shore boardwalks.

Having worked at Great Adventure for 5 years when they first opened, I remember feeling the competition as a ride operator. I used to run a ride called "The Rotor." It's where you spin around, the floor drops, you choke on your own vomit. Lots of fun! They also had one in Seaside Heights but I forget what it was called.

Young Steve Trevelise

You knew you were competing with the shore for the rides, games and attractions. With each passing year, each place adds more and more to win the battle.

While Great Adventure is a closed-to-the-public amusement park that you have to pay to get into, the Jersey Shore is open to anyone and you can walk around and just take it all in. Of course, that's all you can do for free.

If you compare parking in both places, the lot at GA vs. the streets and kiosks of the Shore, The Best Western Bar-B-Q vs. the Midway sausage and peppers, we won't even compare the pizza, the rides and attractions in both places, not counting major concert events, which would you choose?

Here's what my New Jersey 101.5, Twitter and Facebook picked:


Boardwalk is great indeed, but if you have a few kids you will have to rob a bank to entertain them. Great Adventure will cost you less, especially if you use available coupons to reduce the cost. Just my opinion per my own experience.

Six Flags Photo by Adrian Hernandez on Unsplash, Ocean City Boardwalk Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash
Six Flags Photo by Adrian Hernandez on Unsplash, Ocean City Boardwalk Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

Stephen Suder

Boardwalk. Better food plus the ocean

Joe Nappi

Great Adventure, more coasters.

Brian Brown

I like both but have to go with the Boardwalk. You have better food, the ocean, and just walking down the boardwalk is more fun.

Bob O'Brien Leszczak

Six Flags, love the rides

Kevin Sweeney

Wildwood Boardwalk because of the tramcar now that I'm old.

Chris McKelvey

Great Adventure. It’s much cleaner. Plus, it’s where my wife & I fell in love with each other even more when we were dating.

John Skinski

Shore because all senses are used.
Sight: sunset, chicks
Taste: boardwalk food
Smell: Coppertone and boardwalk food
Touch: the sea and sand
Hearing: gaming ladies and gentlemen, seagulls, screams


Mike Weeks

Great Adventure the rides are superior to the rides on the Boardwalks.

Rustann Provenzano

Boardwalk! The view and the food!

Francie Trout

Great Adventure, safety

Dante Mele

Ocean City, NJ boardwalk. No riff-raff, beautiful view of the beach & ocean, great boardwalk food & shops.

Joey Calvo

I am used to the Atlantic City Boardwalk for the sunrises when I stay at the casinos and get an oceanview.

Richard Fuscia

Wildwood boardwalk.

Jeff Polascak

Boardwalk, Nothing’s as Grand as the Sea and the Sand...

Howard Vogel

Boardwalk is cheaper

Tina Louise Cook

Great adventure because last time I was there, there was this guy with a big nose on a speaker. I kept thinking it was Howard Stern but it was the one and only Steve Trevelise.

Stephen Barchi

The Manasquan Beach boardwalk. As a kid we went there from Union City for a vacation every summer. Every inch of that boardwalk brings back a boatload of memories.

Laurielle Nagel

Wildwood Boardwalk, it has everything you could ask for and it’s on the water. I love walking that boardwalk and breathing in the sea air. If you’re too tired to walk all the way back, take the Tram Car

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