So there’s this guy. His name is Nick Johnson. I can think of another name for him. Rhymes with Nick.

He recently posted on YouTube a condescending, better-than-thou video where he trashes the Garden State and ranks and insults our 10 worst cities to live.

He’s the kind of guy who mouths off so much you want to go all Sopranos on him. But we’re better than that.

Here’s his full video with all its insulting bluster and snottiness.

For the CliffsNotes…

  • 10

    West New York

    Good old Nick talks about how filthy the streets are, how congested it is, how terrible the parking is and how trashy the stores are.

    Love him already, right?

  • 9


    He spews venom about their high burglary rate and even mocks their zoo in the snottiest manner. How do you mock a zoo?

  • 8


    Talks about high crime, how boring it is and has the audacity to insult the Delsea; the only remaining drive-in movie theater in the state.

  • 7


    Here, Rhymes-with-Nick decides to bash their struggle with poverty, their “terrible” schools and their ranking as 7th most dangerous city in NJ.

  • 6


    Ridicules their low income, their unemployment rate and their 40% high school dropout rate.

  • 5


    Seems to relish pointing out their crime, how there were 27 murders in 2020 and how if you live there one year you have a 1 in 93 chance of being killed, raped or attacked.

  • 4


    Calls this town “bad news” and says you “don’t want to get out of your car” here. Talks a lot about their huge drug problem.

  • 3

    Atlantic City

    Insults them for their 15% unemployment rate and calls it the most dangerous place in the whole state.

  • 2


    37% of the population living below the poverty rate and high crime, and the awful part about this guy is he sounds somehow so smug about it, like he’s enjoying this.

  • 1


    Says it’s the single worst place to raise a family and if you grew up here you probably know someone in prison.

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