It's that time of year again - Easter Egg Hunt time!

Jenkinson's is hosting their annual Hunt this Sunday, April 14th.

jenkinsons easter egg hunt`

If you have kids 10 or under, head to the boardwalk in Point Pleasant so they can take part in the beach hunt. Jenks does have a limit of 3 eggs per kid, so no one can hoard all the prizes. They also ask that no one bring "digging utensils", because having a bunch of toddlers run around with shovels or rakes, even if they're plastic, is just asking for someone to get scratched or poked in the eye. Finally, if you're an adult, please just back off and let your kid have some fun. They're just Easter Eggs, they're not Faberge, just let the kids runs around and get some prizes.

There is about a 50% chance of rain for Sunday, so keep an eye on Jenk's Facebook for updates.

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