A major change is coming to Philadelphia’s International Airport that will have massive effects for travelers and those picking up (or dropping someone off from the airport.

Philadelphia International Airport Launches Wingmate Pass

The Philadelphia International Airport will now allow guests to pass through security without a ticket to board a plane.

So this means you can finally have that romantic ("Hollywood Style") hello or goodbye at the airport gate like we always seem to see in all of the rom-coms.

The passes will be available "soon" via the airport. It's perfect for anyone wanting to greet someone arriving to the airport or if they're dropping someone off at the airport.

How Can I Get a Wingmate Pass for the Philadelphia International Airport?

Guests hoping to receive a Wingmate pass will need to pre-register on the Philadelphia International Airport's website.

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Registration is NOT open yet, but I suspect it will require you to verify which plane or passenger you're hoping to greet in Philly.

We'll see when more information is available. 

PHL via YouTube
PHL via YouTube

How Does a Wingmate Pass at the Philadelphia International Airport Work?

Once you're registered you'll arrive at the airport and show security personnel your Wingmate pass.

Then you can explore the airport with a passenger flying out or wait at the gate for a passenger to arrive on an incoming flight.

PHL via YouTube
PHL via YouTube

Philadelphia Airport's Wingmate Passes Have Special Bonuses

The Wingmate passes will have special bonuses as well, the airport says. Guests who are visiting the airport with one of these passes will gain access to "exclusive Wingmate deals" at participating merchants.

You'll be able to "explore, shop and dine" while you wait for your loved one to depart (or arrive) the airport says.


"Every second counts when you're making memories," the airport said in a video shared online Friday.

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