A year-round school calendar could be coming to Pennsylvania’s largest school district, and it would feature an extended school day.

This drastic change could have students and teachers in the classroom year-round, instead of getting their usual summers off, when schools have traditionally closed from late June through August.

Philadelphia's Mayor Cherelle Parker Continues to Tout Year-Round Schooling

In her inauguration address to the city on Tuesday (January 2), Philadelphia’s newly elected Mayor Cherelle Parker spoke about extending school hours and the school calendar.

In Mayor Parker’s inauguration address, she called for school buildings to remain open from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. on weekdays, year-round.

”What do the longer hours mean? It means parents who are working don’t have to worry about trying to juggle childcare and earn a living to support their family at the same time,” Parker said in today's address. 

The remarks were given at the Met on Broad Street in North Philadelphia around noon on Tuesday.

What Does Year-Round Schooling for Philadelphia Really Mean?

It’s not immediately clear what exactly a year-round and extended schooling calendar would look like, but Mayor Parker spoke about it throughout her campaign earlier this year.

It would not be mandatory for all students, but instead, Mayor Parker said it would create opportunities for extracurricular opportunities.

NBC Philadelphia via YouTube
NBC Philadelphia via YouTube

“Every Philadelphia child should have access to the education they need for a future in college or a good job, and every parent should have the economic freedom to earn a living while raising a family,” Parker previously said on her campaign website.

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