Sushi is one of those foods that I will never get tired of. I’m so lucky to live in an area with access to many amazing sushi restaurants that I will never be tired of.

I, personally, eat all kinds of rolls and will never grow tired of a great sushi meal. Everyone I know who is a sushi fan is usually partial to their specific sushi spot.

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If you’re looking to branch out to other areas in New Jersey to find yourself some great spots to eat sushi and more, Jersey City is an amazing area for food and drinks.

Wisp Express Named Best Sushi Spot in Jersey City by Yelp

A ton of Yelp reviewers have named Wisp Express the best spot for sushi in the Jersey City area.

Normally when you look at these lists, you expect to see fancy restaurants that cost an arm and a leg, but this isn’t the case with this one. The best spot in Jersey City for a great roll of sushi is found inside the Wisp Express food truck!

I have seen pictures of the most gourmet and fresh-looking sushi rolls online that come from Wiisp Express and it makes perfect sense as to why it’s so highly rated in the Jersey City, New Jersey area. You can even out your orders online and pick them up at the truck.


Everyone on Yelp has raved not only about the quality of the food, but the service that the workers provide as well.

One reviewer named Elana R. wrote, “Amazing sushi coming from me a sushi snob…delicious!”

The Wisp Express truck posts on its Instagram story where its location is and what times it will be open that week. Check out their social media, here!

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