Did anyone notice a pretty big change at Wegmans recently? I did.

Wegmans has in-store samples again

It appears as if Wegmans may be bringing back in-store samples. It's kind of exciting to think about. It used to be the highlight of my shopping trip each week.

Samples were spotted at the Princeton Wegmans

While I was grocery shopping in the Princeton Wegmans in Nassau Park Pavilion recently I couldn't help but notice shoppers enjoying samples once again, really enjoying them. It always tastes better when it's free, right?


As I gathered everything on my shopping list I wandered by a wine tasting, a cheese sampling, and a fish station, I believe.

In-store sampling isn't a new concept for Wegmans. I remember buying salad dressing and pasta sauce after sampling it during a weekend visit to Wegmans.

It was a weekend thing for years, if I'm remembering correctly.


I believe the pandemic was to blame for the disappearance of the samples and we haven't seen them since...until now. Yippee.

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I don't have the official word from Wegmans, but I'm hoping samples are back for good.

When I asked staff, they didn't have a definite answer. It's a great marketing strategy, in my opinion. I've sampled, loved, and then bought products that I never would have unless I tried them. Smart, Wegmans, very smart.

Costco is known for its in-store samples


Costco is known for its sampling strategy as well. Anytime you enter the warehouse giant there are samples placed around the store. The amp up the sampling before holidays too.

I'll keep you posted if I hear from Wegmans, but I think it's a safe bet that you'll see more sampling in the future.

A brand new Wegmans just opened in Yardley, PA. on Wednesday, March 20th.

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