Since we’re quickly approaching the second and final “Friday the 13th” of the year this week, we have to celebrate right? One of the 2 Friday the 13ths lands in October this year and there is one specific way that I’m sure a lot of New Jerseyans will be celebrating.

Of course, you can carve pumpkins, watch scary movies, or even take advantage of some Friday the 13th tattoo deals different tattoo shops normally promote on those days, but I think a ton of spooky season fans in New Jersey will be flocking to the Blairstown Diner.


If you’ve never heard of it before, Blairstown Diner is a piece of horror history sitting right in New Jersey. This famous tourist attraction is famous for being featured in the Friday The 13th Movie which was released back in 1980.

Fans from all over gather at the diner on Friday the 13th to pay homage to one of the best 80s horror movies ever made (in my opinion)! This year, since Friday the 13th lands in October, Spirit Halloween has teamed up with the famous diner to bring some of the horror movie fans in the area something awesome.

Spirit Halloween is known for showing up every spooky season and setting up shop in abandoned stores throughout the country. Now, they’re putting on a spooky season event in New Jersey this Friday! Also, the diner will have a “terrifyingly terrific themed menu for the day” according to Spirit Halloween’s post on Facebook.

There will be ax throwing, horror caricatures, horror face painting, and a “bloody” pie-eating contest all going down this Friday, October 13th. If you’re a horror movie fan, this is a total must for you.

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