I seriously can not be the only person who gets extremely annoyed when New Jersey drivers pull this specific move when driving on highways. In New Jersey, we’re known for being pretty aggressive and careless drivers.

Normally I defend us and say that there are a ton of other states that are more aggressive and dangerous than Jersey, but when people pull this move specifically is where I feel like I can’t defend us as a state anymore.

If you’ve ever heard of the “Jersey Slide” then I’m sure you can agree that it’s one of the most dangerous and obnoxious things someone can do on the roads. I’m not entirely sure if there are names for it in other areas, but in Jersey, we know it as the “Jersey Slide”.


If you won’t know exactly what that is, UrbanDictionary puts it perfectly as “when you travel from the far left lane all the way to the exit ramp in one quick motion”.

If you’ve ever driven on the Parkway or the Turnpike, you have either gotten cut off by someone like this, or you are this person.

Either way, I would argue that it is one of the most annoying things people do in New Jersey. This tops everything on my driving pet peeve list. It’s far above not letting people merge, tailgating, and not using a turn signal.

This is my official Public Service Announcement to stop doing this personally and even relay the message to your friend and family because I think this is the only downside to living in New Jersey in my opinion!

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