Hopefully you've never had to deal with a boss like this, but it's all-too common in today's workforce.

Do you ever feel like you're still "attached" to work whenever you clock out for the day? It can be hard to mentally disconnect from work, especially when your employer is too "present" on your phone after hours. Whether it be a phone call, text, email notification, etc., it's all way too much.

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Believe or not, some bosses have the audacity to call or text their employees for work-related reasons after hours, to the point where it impedes on personal boundaries. Sometimes they even do it while you're on vacation! It's a major violation, and in the long run, it can lead to an unhealthy work/life balance and a decline in mental health.

When you get to the point where requesting vacation time or a day off creates anxiety due to a hovering, unyielding boss, it's also a major issue. How do you stop it? Holding firm on your boundaries when it comes to separating work hours from personal time.

Studies say Americans are overworked

We work hard enough as it is, so the battle to keep a healthy work/life balance can be a struggle - especially with "helicopter" bosses that won't leave you alone.

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A new report finds that on average, Americans work hundreds of hours more a year than other developed countries. Dealing with bosses that bother you after-hours certainly doesn't help the situation.

California bill proposes the right to disconnect

That's why a new bill has just been proposed in California to give workers the right to ignore after-hour calls from their bosses without facing repercussions. If an employer calls a worker after hours, they could face a fine of $100 per violation unless it's an emergency or to address work schedule conflicts.

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"This bill would require a public or private employer to establish a workplace policy that provides employees the right to disconnect from communications from the employer during nonworking hours, except as specified." - Bill AB-27.51

Hopefully it's signed into law, but honestly, this needs to go into law in every state. Fingers crossed California will lead the way.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a law like this passed in New Jersey?

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