Italian food lovers, get ready to add another spot to your bucket list!

Whether you're in the mood for risotto, pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, seafood linguine, gnocchi, lasagne, chicken parmesan, bruschetta, calzones, baked ziti or even an Italian meatball sub, Italian food can satisfy any appetite! That's Amore!

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Unsurprisingly, amazing Italian food is not hard to find in New Jersey, as there is a huge Italian population in the state. But if you're not cooking that rigatoni at home, where can you find the BEST Italian restaurant in New Jersey? Or how about the entire East Coast? put together a list of The Best Italian Restaurants to Try on the East Coast, and who took the #1 spot? A New Jersey restaurant!

A Salute Italian Restaurant & Bar- Matawan, New Jersey

A Salute Italian Restaurant & Bar has been named the best Italian restaurant to try on the entire East Coast! From the outside, you would think you're heading into Sunday service, but what's on the inside of this 170 year old building is actually an Italian food heaven.

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Here's what had to say about this hidden gem:

"If you’re a foodie who craves Italian deliciousness, you cannot miss A Salute in New Jersey. Not only is this place a hidden gem, but it’s also one of the top Italian restaurants on the entire East Coast!...They have unbeatable deals for big groups, so you can feast, sip, and be jolly without breaking. We swear, once you’ve tasted their food, you’ll never want to leave. Please go check it out; trust us!"

Credit: Instagram @asaluteonmain
Credit: Instagram @asaluteonmain

Their menu includes upscale appetizers like arancini and grilled Mediterranean octopus, insalata, pastas, Detroit-style pizza, and entrees such as bone-in veal chop, branzino, NY strip steak and so much more! You can check out their menu HERE.

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Not to mention, this is an absolutely gorgeous spot for intimate indoor and outdoor dining!

Have you ever been to A Salute? It definitely deserves a spot on your go-to list!

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