What would the Garden State be without diners?

As more and more national restaurants dot the landscape, diners in our region are still going strong. They're like old friends.

And as a matter of fact, you'll probably bump into an old friend at a diner in Jersey. It's where everyone goes.

A typical NJ diner menu - Photo: Chris Coleman
A typical NJ diner menu - Photo: Chris Coleman

As for the food, you can get -- quite literally -- anything you want at just about any hour of any day. Scrapple or spaghetti, turkey clubs or strawberry shortcake, pancakes, and even fried clam strips.

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We recently hit the internet to create a list of some of the best diners in South Jersey -- not an easy task to do.

Based on Facebook comments, Google reviews, and general chatter online, we narrowed our list down to just over a dozen of the best diners in the area.

The Absolute Best Diners in South Jersey

You'll want to check out these diners in South Jersey -- the best of the best.

Gallery Credit: Chris Coleman

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