One of the highlights of living in the northeastern United States is the plethora of Italian Restaurants to choose from.  From Philadelphia to New York City to New Jersey, there are many great Italian Food Dining options to enjoy everywhere you go.

But anyone who loves Italian food knows that there is nothing worse than fake Italian Food or a pathetic attempt to replicate what you would find at a classic "Italiano Ristorante".  This is a major reason why Italian Americans and people who have Italian family members avoid going to Italian Chain Restaurants.

There are numerous Italian Chain Restaurants in the United States and the website 24/7 Wall St. researched to find out which of these Restaurants to avoid.  After looking into customer reviews and other data online, they ranked the nine worst Italian Chain Restaurants in America that customers should avoid.

Italian Restaurants are very popular in New Jersey
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The Worst Italian Restaurant Chain In The United States

With over 15 locations in New Jersey, you may be surprised the worst Italian Restaurant Chain Restaurant in America is Olive Garden.  While many people enjoy the Unlimited Breadsteaks, the online reviews and customer feedback tell a different story:

"One of the biggest complaints around Olive Garden is simply reputation. It’s hard to recommend visiting any restaurant with this name considering the viral videos out of Olive Garden’s kitchen showing off poor food management.....Endless (Google Reviews) pages of complaints about bad food are hard to miss. Between cold lasagna, too creamy Fettuccine, and disappointing desserts, it’s hard to recommend Olive Garden to anyone."

Olive Garden is named the worst Italian Restaurant Chain in America
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While Olive Garden would not rank as my number one worst Italian Restaurant Chain, I understand that many people cheap Italian Food is insulting.  Numerous Italian Americans would describe Olive Garden as "Fugazi" Italian Food.  But the reality is the Restaurant Chains make over 4 Billion in sales each year in the United States.

For me, Sbarro would be my vote for the worst Italian Restaurant Chain in the United States, but for some reason that cheap, fast-food-style Food Court Chain restaurant was only ranked as the eighth worst on the 24/7 Wall St. rankings.  There must be more people who enjoy greasy and lousy SBarro Pizza than people who enjoy Olive Garden's endless supply of breadsticks.

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