To the chagrin of legendary Hollywood Filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, the Superhero Movie Industry is a billion-dollar money Maker. Worldwide numbers show that six of the Top 20 Highest-Grossing Movies of all time are Superhero movies.

In the United States alone, 18 of the Top 50 Highest Grossing Films are Superhero Genre Movies. Many expect that number to become 19 with the highly anticipated 'Deadpool and Wolverine" movie coming out this Summer starring Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the infamous AntiHero Deadpool.

With National Superhero Day coming up on April 28th, the website set out to learn who the favorite Superhero is in each state in America. They gathered data from Google Trends, Search Volume, and Analytics to find out the top three in all 50 states.

Who Is New Jersey's Favorite Superhero

According to research, most states' favorite superheroes are Thor (8 states), Catwoman (8), Superman (6 states), Batman (6), and Captain America (5 states). But "survey says" New Jersey is unlike 66 percent of the United States.

New Jersey's favorite superhero is Marvel Comics Daredevil, the superhero who famously protects the "Hell's Kitchen" section of New York City.  The character Matt Murdock is a Defense Lawyer by day and a Crime-Fighting Vigilantee at night.

Only four states are listed as having Daredevil as their favorite superhero: New Jersey, Indiana, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.  For the home state of the fictional character, Daredevil is the third favorite superhero in New York, behind Captain America and Catwoman.

Who Is Daredevil and Why Is He Popular

Daredevil made his Marvel Comics debut in 1964. The character was created by Pop culture Legend Stan Lee along with the Godfather of modern-day Comic Books Jack Kirby and Artist Bill Everett.  Despite being blind, Matt Murdock has superhuman hearing and heightened senses to fight crime.

The Marvel Comics Superhero found a new level of popularity in the 21st Century thanks to the 'Daredevil' Netflix show that debuted in 2015. The character was the centerpiece of a series of Mature Marvel Shows featuring Superheros from New York City that became some of the most popular streaming shows from 2015 to 2018.

Rounding out the top three of New Jersey's favorite superheroes are Superman and Batman. Research says The Garden State's neighbors in Pennsylvania's favorite Superhero is Batman and Delaware's Favorite Superhero is Wonder Woman.

For many people ages 45 and younger, their first introduction to superheroes was watching Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Some of the most popular Animated Kids Shows over the last forty years has featured Superheros.  How many of these shows do you remember watching?

The 20 Best Animated Superhero TV Shows

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