One of the most popular forms of travel between Delaware and New Jersey is the Cape May Lewes Ferry. In 2023, there were 746,430 passengers and 276,436 vehicles that used the Ferry for travel, allowing these travelers a more direct mode of travel to and from Delaware compared to driving out of their way to use the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

The Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) is the operator of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry and at a Public Hearing back in December explained the need to address rising costs of operations.  According to Director of Ferry Operations Heath Gehrke, in the past, they have updated rates every other year to address the cost of operations but since the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 they have avoided any radical rate changes.

Cape May-Lewes Ferry in located in North Cape May, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

But with only 60 percent of the Fares generated by Cape May-Lewes Ferry travelers covering the cost of operations, the DRBA has announced that a new fare rate schedule has been approved to increase revenue while not burdening frequent travelers who use the Ferry.  Part of their plan is to incentivize travelers to book round-trips and reward frequent travelers through a Loyalty Rewards Program.

Starting April 1, 2024 the following fare changes will go into effect at the Cape May Lewes-Ferry:

*The “No Show” fee will increase from $10 to $26 to incentivize people who book trips ahead of time to modify or cancel their travel plans with the Cape May Lewes-Ferry instead of leaving a spot reserved but unused.

*There will be an additional $2 handling fee in place for “show-go” vehicle travel to discourage people from not booking their trips ahead of time. The more the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Operators can plan for their travel capacity to create a smoother process of boarding and trip for everyone.

*An increase for in-season vehicle and motorcycle fares by $1 for standard size, which includes discount books per trip. There will also be a $2 increase for vehicles sized 26’ to 45’ and an increase in fare by $3 for vehicles measured over 46’

Cape May Lewes Ferry docked in North Cape May, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

*A $1 decrease in passenger fares for children between the ages of 6 to 13 during in-season travel.

*There will be a $2 increase to shuttle fares in the Cape May and Lewes Areas.

*A new Priority Boarding fee of $5 will allow Ferry travelers the option for priority boarding and disembarkation. This does not put Ferry guests ahead of any VIP or mobility-impaired travelers.

*Upgrades to the Loyalty Rewards Program allows travelers to earn points redeemable for future trips. The new perks for Program members includes receiving a free passenger or driver trip for every tenth trip taken on the Ferry.

For more information about the Cape May Lewes-Ferry and their Loyalty Rewards Program, you can visit their website.

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