In today's world of smartphones, everyone wants to be sure they will be able to use social media and all the features we pay for each month with our cell phone service provider. However, some areas of New Jersey lack the necessary cell towers, antennas, and extenders to guarantee that you will have a good signal while in their community.

5G Wireless Tower
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One South Jersey Coastal Community town is being proactive about ensuring that their residents and visitors will have strong cell signals moving forward.  At the most recent City Council Meeting, Sea Isle City approved the authorization of a contract with DISH Wireless to install antennas at the town's Water Tower located at 40th Street.

Sea Isle City, New Jersey Water Tower located at 40th street and Central Avenue
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DISH Wireless is the fourth largest Wireless provider in the United States with over 7.5 Million customers using their network.  In the aftermath of the DISH acquisition of Boost Mobile, they constructed their own 5G Network that today is available to over 70% of Americans.  Customers who pay for Boost, Ting, and Republic Cell Phone plans use the DISH Wireless network.

Dish Network Reportedly Eyeing Purchase Of T-Mobile
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More important to Sea Isle City residents and visitors during the Summer Season, the new DISH Wireless antenna will also benefit other wireless customers.  AT&T Wireless Customers piggyback off DISH Wireless in areas where the AT&T 5G network is weak.  AT&T has the most Wireless Customers in the United States with 229.1 Million active users on their network.

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I spoke with Katherine Custer who is the Director of the Sea Isle City Department of Community Services, Public Relations, Tourism, and Recreation.  She says the Jersey Shore community located in Cape May County is proud to provide more services for residents and visitors:

“As communities grow, the need for additional communication options grows with them. In Sea Isle City, we lease spaces on our water towers to communication companies in order to give our residents and visitors enhanced access to mobile networks, because everyone wants to stay connected while at home and on vacation. This is an additional way we help fill the needs of the people who want to be in Sea Isle City.”

Sea Isle City, NJ Welcome Sign entering town on JFK Boulevard
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So in 2024, Sea Isle City will have wireless service antennas on the island that operate on three of the top four mobile networks in America: AT&T, DISH Wireless, and T-Mobile US which has 117.9 Million customers.  Plus, there are approximately 3169 Xfinity WiFi hotspots on the island, which means Sea Isle City also has plenty of wireless accessibility for Xfinity Mobile customers who utilize the Verizon 5G network in most areas.

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