'No one likes us, we don't care.' And that's the mentality Philadelphia Eagles fans have to have when we get voted the worst in all of sports.

So, a new poll is out revealing the team with most annoying fan base in the NFL. Fine. Eagles' fans are used to the hate.


But here's the thing. The results come from pro football players who answered anonymously. They are too afraid to put their name on the survey!

That's right. The NFL ballers talked trash to The Athletic and let the vitriol for Birds fans fly but did it in the shadows.


According to The Athletic's report, one player who chose to remain nameless, dubbed the Eagles' fans, "Just loud, rude and obnoxious. They just swear they're the biggest football gurus on earth."

In another (somewhat backhanded) barb, a player remarked, "[Eagles fans are] just so passionate, but sometimes it's too much. They take it too far."

The results showed 25.3 percent of the NFL players polled labeled Philadelphia Eagles fans the worst in the league, closely followed by the fans of Dallas Cowboys with 24.7 percent.

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Just WHO are these players that called Philly fans the worst in the NFL? SHOW YOURSELVES! Oooo, none better be Eagles players themselves, lol. That would not go over well, lol.

If being passionate makes us annoying, then annoying we will be. Because, once again, in the immortal words of Center Jason Kelce, 'No one likes us, we don't care!'


Oh, and another thing. We're the only team this season with 10 wins. We'll brag a little-a lot about that. And ANOTHER thing...we count Bradley Cooper among us.

Check out more of the The Athletic's poll results below.


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