Whoa, Giants and Jets fans can't be happy about this move. Us Philly fans? WE LOVE IT! Well done, Empire State Building.

It's not unusual for the top of the ESB to change color depending on occasion, but I was honestly surprised to see a monument in New York City supporting Philadelphia. Especially, since the Eagles beat the New York Giants to GET to the NFC Championship Game.

On Facebook, Empire State Building wrote, 'We’re going Green and White in honor of the Eagles NFC Championship Victory.'

It's the best thing I've ever SEEN! One of my favorite places to visit turned green and white for my favorite sports team.

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Since New York Jets team colors are also green and white, I wonder if some Jets fans in the NYC area initially thought Empire State Building changed in honor of THEM. Woops!

In the following post, Empire State Building acknowledged that celebrating the Eagles win wasn't an easy thing for the city to do, and to balance the scales, then went red and gold in honor of the Kansas City Chiefs' defeat of the Cincinatti Bengals in the AFC Championship game.

Now, when the Eagles win Super Bowl LVII, will the building go BACK to green and white? It better!

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