Bright lights, loud noise, and too many shoppers not your bag at your local Walmart? Consider shopping their new sensory-friendly hours.

Walmart can be an undertaking sometimes. I've had times when I've had to work myself up to shopping there because it's a big store and it's very busy most of the time. It can be overwhelming to me.

But I love that Walmart is not oblivious to it and I fully support their new measure to make shopping their stores a more comfortable experience for shoppers like me who experience a lot of sensory overload.


Starting Monday, November 13th, Walmart stores will be "sensory-friendly" in the mornings to soothe those who become overstimulated while shopping.

The atmosphere at all U.S. stores will reportedly feel more relaxing between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

What Will Change During Walmart's 'Sensory-Friendly' Hours?

  • The overhead radio will be turned off.
  • Lights will be dimmed.
  • TV monitors will feature a still image.

In a statement Walmart said, "During these hours, we hope our customers and associates will find the stores to be a little easier on the eyes and ears."

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Normally, I roll around Walmart with my earbuds in and music or a podcast turned on, so an environment that's less stimulating while I'm trying to check off my shopping list is very appealing to me.


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